The wRap Indonesia: Nov. 26, 2014
The wRap Indonesia: Nov. 26, 2014
Bakrie dismissed from Golkar chairmanship, Central Jakarta governor wants ‘Sex Mountain’ site shut down, why Indonesia lost 4-0 to the Philippines, and more

JAKARTA, Indonesia – Tensions during the election for Golkar Party chairmanship and the closure of the controversial ‘Sex Mountain’ lead our wrap of stories from Indonesia the past day.

1. Bakrie dismissed from chairmanship following violent Golkar clash

Aburizal Bakrie on Tuesday evening, November 25, was dismissed as Golkar Party chairman, following a violent clash between two factions within the party. The violence occurred when senior party members were about to commence a plenary meeting to discuss the party’s upcoming chairmanship election, a topic that has escalated tensions in recent weeks and which can alter Indonesia’s political landscape, according to the Jakarta Post. Several party members were injured, with a senior party member reportedly hit by a water bottle. Originally planned to be held in 2015, the Bakrie camp decided to hold it on November 30 in Bali, with the sole intention of keeping Bakrie in the helm. 

Seven chairmanship contenders formed an alliance Tuesday to challenge Bakrie’s position. “We took this action to save the party,” says Muladi, head of Golkar’s central executive board. 

2. Central Java governor wants to shut down ‘Sex Mountain’ 

Central Java Governor Ganjar Pranowo said Tuesday he will take action against the sex rituals in Kemukus Mountain in the province. Australian journalist for SBS Dateline, Patrick Abboud, last week documented a “unique” habit in Kemukus Mountain where locals and visitors flock to the pilgrimage site for mass sex rituals, based on the belief it will give them good fortune. “Married men, cheating housewives, government officials, and prostitutes revelling in a mass ritual of adultery and sex. This is what happens on Gunung Kemukus in Indonesia, otherwise known as Sex Mountain,” Abboud wrote. Governor Ganjar did not seem too happy with the portrayal of Kemukus Mountain as a potential sex tourism site. “Such hidden practices have been going on for a long time,” Ganjar said. “It’s better to close down the site. This is prostitution and is quite dangerous in terms of health and morality,” he added.

3. Jakarta Police kicks off Zebra Operation against errant motorists 

A Jakarta Police officer controls the traffic in a busy street. AFP Photo

The Jakarta Police’s Zebra Operation kicked off on Wednesday, November 26, and will last until December 9. Within this period, Jakarta motorists may get stopped by police officers who want to check if they are complying with traffic laws, such as whether they have a valid driver’s license (SIM), car ownership documents (BPKB), and paid vehicle tax papers (STNK). It won’t be too random, though, as Zebra Operation will target drivers who violate traffic regulations, particularly those going against the flow of traffic. Violators can see fines of IDR250,000 to IDR1 million. For more information on which areas the police will be operating in, read the story on

4. Why did Indonesia lose 4-0 to Philippines? ‘Low in stamina,’ coach says 

Thomas Dooley and the Azkals celebrate their 4-0 victory over Indonesia. Photo from AFF Suzuki Cup's Twitter

Indonesian football team coach Alfred Riedl on Tuesday blamed the local league for his team’s 0-4 loss to the Philippines during the qualifier Group A game at the AFF Suzuki Cup in Hanoi, Vietnam.  “It’s clear that the Philippines are stronger. Their stamina are stronger, too,” he said after the game, according to According to Riedl, most of his players had just finished the Indonesian Super League competition prior to the tournament. And the team’s morale was still low after its 2-2 draw against Vietnam during the AFF Suzuki Cup opener. Indonesia will face Laos next on November 28. Read the full match report on

5. Prosecutor demands 15 years for child predator Emon

A 24-year-old child sex offender, Andri Sobari, also known as Emon, was demanded by prosecutors Tuesday to 15 years in jail. Emon’s case shocked the Indonesian media in May this year when he admitted to molesting more than 50 children in his hometown of Sukabumi, West Java. Witness testimonies in court revealed that Emon has sexually and physically abused 56 boys and girls, according to All of the victims were between 6 and 13 years old. According to Emon, he would lure the children with offerings of money ranging from IDR25,000 rupiah to IDR50,000. Emon said he has apologized to the victims and their parents. —



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