Mary Jane refuses to sign execution notice

Jet Damazo-Santos
Mary Jane refuses to sign execution notice


72-hour notice means execution can be done at 5pm on Tuesday at the earliest, but lawyers are still racing to stop it

CILACAP, Indonesia – Mary Jane Veloso refused to sign the letter that was presented to her on Saturday afternoon notifying of her execution, citing the fact that she has a second case review request, lawyers explained.

However, the act of not signing it has no bearing on whether the execution will take place or not.

The 30-year-old Filipina on death row was given the official 72-hour notice at 5pm on Saturday, April 25, which means she can be executed as early as 5pm on Tuesday.

The letter did not specify a date, but lawyers said the prosecutors confirmed that it was the 72-hour official notice.

“Mary Jane asked the Indonesian officials what would happen if she didn’t sign the letter,” Indonesian lawyer Ismail Muhammad told Rappler.

They replied that they would give her another letter saying she refused to sign it, and to explain why.

“Mary Jane signed that one and gave as the reason the fact that her second case review had already been filed.”

Prosecutors on Saturday said they had not yet received a copy of the new case review request, which was filed just a few minutes before the Sleman district court closed on Friday, April 25.

The court is expected to issue the official receipt on Monday, April 27.

“We’re hoping that once the prosecutors receive that, they will postpone the execution,” lawyer Edre Olalia said, adding that a Frenchman who was also supposed to be in the next batch of executions was not given a notice because of his pending legal appeal.

In Manila, the Philippine Department of Foreign Affairs said Sunday, April 26, that they got word of the Letter Notice of Execution at 8:22 pm Saturday.

Veloso’s lawyers are counting on a favorable decision on her appeal or the granting of clemency by Indonesian President Joko Widodo to reverse her impending execution, a matter that has drawn international indignation with hashtag #SaveMaryJane dominant on social media. – With a report from Buena Bernal in Manila/

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