Goth Love: A darkly romantic playlist for World Goth Day

Rappler Social Media Team
To celebrate World Goth Day, put these darkly romantic tunes on full blast!

MANILA, Philippines – To the uninitiated, the term “goth” would probably bring to mind darkness, death, moping about one’s existence, and tubs upon tubs of pitch-black eyeliner – and in a way, they’d be right. The subculture does celebrate a lot of gloom and doom, but you’d also be surprised how utterly romantic the goth community can be. 

Goths deal with a lot of extreme emotions, and one of these is romantic love. Goth music, then, is rife with some of the most romantic songs, the kind you listen to in a dark room as you pine away for someone (and admit it, you’ve done it before). 

To celebrate World Goth Day, below is a playlist we’ve concocted, featuring some of the goth music scene’s well-known acts – and a few we’d like to acquaint you with. To best enjoy the playlist, hole up in your bedroom, turn the lights down, light a candle or two, and wallow in these haunting tunes:

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1) The Cure – Lovesong

2) Joy Division – Love Will Tear Us Apart 

3) Bauhaus – Passion of Lovers

4) Siouxsie and the Banshees – Kiss Them for Me

5) The Velvet Underground and Nico – Femme Fatale 

6) Alice Cooper – Love’s a Loaded Gun

7) Rubella Ballet – Rainbow Love

8) Cocteau Twins – Love’s Easy Tears Restored

9) Dead Can Dance – In Power We Entrust the Love Advocated

10) Zola Jesus – Skin 

Which of these songs did you like best? Do you have any other goth love song suggestions? Share your favorites in the comments section below!

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