Joint session: Pot found growing at Japan MPs' building

TOKYO, Japan – Marijuana plants have been found growing at an office building used by lawmakers in Japan, which has some of the strictest drug laws in the developed world, an official said Friday, June 22.

The budding crop of 4 plants was found by a visitor on Thursday growing on the premises of an office building for members of the upper house, an official in charge of maintenance there told AFP.

"After we reported it to the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, two Tokyo officials visited" and removed the plants, he said.

"They said the plants looked to be about two months old," he added.

"The officials explained that marijuana seeds can be carried by wind and bird excrement, and they said they will visit us again to ensure" the plants were unrooted completely and hadn't spread.

Japan strictly prohibits both hard and soft drugs, and police have in past years arrested sumo wrestlers, musicians, actors and college students for possessing, growing or selling marijuana.

In sharp contrast, Canada said this week it would become the first G7 country to legalize the consumption and cultivation of cannabis from mid-October, arguing it would take traffickers out of the equation and protect young people. –