How Mary Jane Veloso's sisters learned of her fate

Speaking to Rappler in Yogyakarta, the sisters, visibly relieved after their family's ordeal, said that, before the executions started, officers at the site told them that their sister wanted to talk to one of them before she was executed. Maritess volunteered, and was escorted to a room where one of the prosecutors, not their sister, awaited.

Maritess said the prosecutor then spoke to her in Bahasa, so she wasn't able to understand a thing. But the prosecutor, she said, made a sign to "keep quiet." At that time, she did not understand why the official did that.

She went back to the waiting area, and when the shots rang out, they genuinely believed their beloved sister, and mother to their two young nephews, was already dead, along with 8 other convicts.

Later, it dawned upon Maritess that maybe the prosecutor was giving them a heads-up about Mary Jane's fate. 

Mary Jane is now back in Yogyakarta, at the Wirongunan prison. Usually, prisoners are not allowed to see their family for 10 days; in this case, however, the Velosos will be able to see her again on Thursday, April 30, just a day after she returns to her old prison, before the family flies back to Manila later that evening.

Now that the ordeal is behind them – at least for now – the Velosos are relaxed, happy, most of all relieved. They are now even planning to go shopping and sightseeing around the historic city, a haven for classical Javanese art and culture. 

The sisters said they had some sort of premonition about Mary Jane's fate – in the form of a candle.

They said, the relatives of the death row convicts lighted 20 candles for their vigil earlier that day. At the end of the executions, only one candle remained lighted.

They believed the candle was a sign Mary Jane's life was spared.

They took it home with them. –