Velosos urge Jokowi to cancel Mary Jane's execution

But now, everyone was in high spirits. Everyone was hugging and crying and clapping as they watched news of the surrender.

News that Mary Jane's alleged recruiter, Maria Kristina Sergio, has surrendered to Philippine authorities has given the entire family hope once again. 

"President Jokowi, now that she has surrendered, please spare my daughter," Celia said. 

Indonesian Cabinet Secretary Andi Widjajanto told reporters that the Indonesian government has been notified that Mary Jane's alleged recruiter has surrendered.

“We were informed by Migrant Care about the news that there may be new evidence as the recruiter has surrendered. But of course, we have to confirm it first,” he said.

Could it save Mary Jane?

“Depending on the results of our confirmation and the implications of it on the legal process," he said. –