WATCH: In Hong Kong, clashes erupt over proposed security law

HONG KONG – It was a game of cat and mouse all over again between pro-democracy protesters and the police last Sunday, March 24, in what is turning out to be a repeat of last year's intense street battles.

Only the law in question has change – this time it's China’s proposed National Security Law. 

The legislation will ban treason, subversion, and sedition – seen as Beijing's reaction to months of massive and violent protests last year against the much-hated extradition bill.

The momentum of protests ground to a halt as the pandemic spread in the first quarter of 2020, but the new law – seen as a violation of the one country, two systems agreement – revived the fervor.

Around 200 were detained during small rallies earlier this month.

Tommy Walker reports. –

Tommy Walker is a freelance travel journalist and correspondent. He has reported on events and stories relating to North Korea, Colombia, Venezuela, France, and Russia. He is based in Hong Kong.

Tommy Walker

Tommy Walker is a British journalist, photographer and travel writer currently based between Hong Kong & Taipei. In 2019, Tommy reported for Rappler as Hong Kong correspondent for the anti-government protests. His work provided frontline videos from demonstrations which included the Polytechnic University siege, and Hong Kong’s national security law fallout. His work has also included covering the COVID19 pandemic in 2020.