WATCH: Hong Kong PolyU chaos spills into Kowloon district

HONG KONG – The fallout from the battles at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University on Sunday, November 17, poured into the streets of Kowloon. Nathan Road, which stretches from districts Tsim Sha Tsui through to Mongkok and beyond, was the battleground for livid protesters.

Normally, a game of cat and mouse would ensue, but this time the protesters marched together like the military. They pushed the police back from different angles, with a barrage of Molotov cocktails and projectiles as their weapons. Planned to distract and stretch the riot polices' resources at the university – where only a few protesters remained inside – the police weren't hesitant to reply. Tear gas was fired throughout, with rubber bullets and flashbangs also used.

The police charged back at the protesters, using their police vans as leverage, before making multiple arrests. –

Tommy Walker

Tommy Walker is a British journalist, photographer and travel writer currently based between Hong Kong & Taipei. In 2019, Tommy reported for Rappler as Hong Kong correspondent for the anti-government protests. His work provided frontline videos from demonstrations which included the Polytechnic University siege, and Hong Kong’s national security law fallout. His work has also included covering the COVID19 pandemic in 2020.