Calm in the 'Jungle' ahead of fresh bid to raze migrant camp

CALAIS, France – There was calm overnight on Tuesday, March 1, in the "Jungle" migrant shantytown in the northern French port of Calais after an evening of violence triggered by efforts to dismantle half the camp.

Workers were due to start a second day of destruction in the southern half of the camp, where thousands of migrants and refugees have been living while they try to reach Britain. 

A spokesman for the town hall said groups of migrants had gathered along the edge of the camp during the night, but no violence had been reported. 

On Monday evening, some 150 migrants threw rocks at vehicles heading for the port, and police responded with tear gas.

Migrants and members of the British "No Borders" activist group had also thrown projectiles at the police and set fire to about 20 shelters at the camp.

By 1845 GMT, police had gained control of the port road, which remained strewn with debris. Three members of No Borders and one migrant were arrested, local government officials said. –