Chimney, seagull steal #NewPope thunder

MANILA, Philippines – Tweeting isn't allowed inside the Sistine Chapel in Vatican City. But outside, the Twitter world is making the most out of the long wait as 115 cardinal electors vote for the next leader of the Catholic Church.

A little more than 24 hours after the conclave began, two Twitter accounts are already stealing its thunder.

Blame it on our short social media attention spans, or the fact that after a while, staring at the Sistine Chapel chimney sort of loses its appeal.

A week-old Twitter star, @ConclaveChimney personifies the tiny chimney Catholics and observers all over the world are literally watching closely.

hey, be careful!… — Conclave Chimney (@ConclaveChimney) March 9, 2013

We're starting to learn that chimneys have feelings, too. Apparently, they don't like it when seagulls steal their thunder.

Meet another new conclave "character," the @SistineSeagull. An hour after the account was made, the chimney's pesky little friend already has more than 1,700 followers on Twitter.

And get this... they're "arguing" on Twitter. Enjoy:

[ View the story "@ConclaveChimney vs @SistineSeagull " on Storify ] @ConclaveChimney vs @SistineSeagull Storified by Rappler · Wed, Mar 13 2013 10:20:31 @ConclaveChimney here had quite a lot to say: I guess I should be flattered the #seagulls are fighting over me. Kind of an apt comparison for what's going on down below, #amiright? ;)Conclave Chimney I think I'm going through the stages of stockholm syndrome very fast. #seagullhostiletakeoverConclave Chimney I've been subjected to this #seagull humiliation for over an hour. This is the last time I ask for a vacation. #GodsJudgementIsSwiftConclave Chimney hey @big_ben_clock could you coax this pesky #seagull with biscuits or something? I don't want to call @BronxZoosCobra unless I have to..Conclave Chimney is it wrong of me to be praying for lightning to strike me at this precise moment? #seagullsurpriseConclave Chimney feels like an eternity. @IanJGall Anyone know how long #conclaveseagull has been standing on the @ConclaveChimney?Conclave Chimney if this bird stays on top of me any longer I swear it's planning to build a nest here. #conclave #rome #vatican #popeConclave Chimney @SistineSeagull, meanwhile, only had a few things thing to say to its unwilling host: You'll learn about my Cheetos powered poop if you don't shut your smoke-hole. #conclave cc @ConclaveChimneySistineSeagull Gull if I know. #conclave cc @CharlesHookimawSistineSeagull

Amused? Annoyed? Don't care? How do these accounts make you feel?

More importantly, how long do you think will the conclave last? @SistineSeagull is ready for the long haul:

It once took 3 years to select a pope. I'm prepared to build a nest if need be. #conclave — SistineSeagull (@SistineSeagull) March 13, 2013

– with reports from Bea Cupin/