We asked, you answered: Describe millennials in one word

Janessa Villamera
We asked people online and on the streets to describe millennials in one word. Here's what they have to say.

ONE WORD. Have you heard of millennials?

MANILA, Philippines – One word, infinite descriptions.

By now, it’s likely you’ve encountered the term “millennial” probably more than your fingers can count. What does it really mean though?

Merriam-Webster defines millennial as “relating to millennium (a period of a thousand of years).”


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“Ah,” you must be thinking. Easy to understand, right?

People who were born from the 1980s to the early 2000s are considered to be part of the millennial generation – the so-called millennials.

While you understand the term itself, do you understand the people of this generation? What makes them different? 

We asked our followers on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to share what they think about millennials.

Here’s the word cloud representation of the responses:

WORD CLOUD. Visual presentation on WordItOut of dominant words for describing millennials.

“Fearless,” “empowered,” and “entitled” were just a few of the words associated with millennials.

Indeed, thanks to social media, millennials are much more empowered. Out of 55 million Facebook users registered in the Philippines, 41 million are millennials. (READ: The march of millennials)

We also went around the streets to know how the generation is being defined. It seemed that the concept was alien to many of the people we talked to, compared to those who responded to our question online. Scroll up to watch our video for the most interesting definitions you’ll probably hear. 

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