Stretching from the Malay peninsula to the lush forests of Sarawak and Sabah, Malaysia is a diverse and dynamic nation at the heart of Southeast Asia.


As its world-famous tourism campaign goes – this is Malaysia, truly Asia.

A multicultural state, Malaysia gained independence from British rule in 1957. Back then, it was known as the "Federation of Malaya" – composed only of 11 states.

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The remembrance services in the Netherlands and Kuala Lumpur come less than a month after ...

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'Justice for the dead' sought 5 years after MH17 crash

The Southeast Asian nation is one of a handful of countries around the world that limits ...

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Malaysian MPs back lowering voting age to 18

The move is a crucial step "towards achieving a rational drug policy that puts science ...

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Malaysia proposes softening drug laws

It is the second serious incident involving poisonous gas in Pasir Gudang district, in ...

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Scores ill, schools closed in Malaysia due to toxic fumes

'They are refugees. As much as we can do for them, we will,' the 93-year-old premier ...

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Malaysian PM vows ahead of ASEAN to help Rohingya bound for country

The dead animals are believed to be part of a herd of 30 elephants from the nearby forest ...

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3 elephants found poisoned in Malaysia

Mahathir Mohamad, speaking at a conference in Tokyo, acknowledges the security concerns ...

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Mahathir says Malaysia will use Huawei 'as much as possible'

'We urge developed countries to stop shipping garbage to our country,' says Yeo Bee Yin, ...

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Malaysia to ship back hundreds of tons of plastic waste

Majority of the 16-year-old's Instagram respondents vote for D rather than L, which ...

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Malaysian teen takes own life after Instagram poll

The suspects – a Malaysian who led the group, two Rohingya from Myanmar and one ...

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Malaysia foils ISIS-linked plot, seizes explosives

Capital Kuala Lumpur
Land Area 330,252 sq km
Population 30,073,353 (2014 estimate)
Currency Ringgit
Demonym Malaysian
Government Federal Representative Democratic Constitutional Monarchy
Head of Government Dato' Sri Mohd Najib bin Tun Abdul Raazak
Independence September 16, 1963
National Anthem Negaraku (My Country)
Languages Malay, English, Chinese, Tamil
Religion Islam
Year of ASEAN Membership established ASEAN on August 8, 1967)
Human Development Index 0.769 (2012)
GDP per Capita US$9,941
Internet Subscribers 610 (per 1,000 persons)
Inflation Rate 3% (2011)
Urban Population 71% (2011)
Life Expectancy 74.5 years
Tourist Arrival 24,714,000