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‘Finally, infrastructure week!’ Biden says, cheering $1 trillion bill

‘Finally, infrastructure week!’ Biden says, cheering $1 trillion bill

US President Joe Biden gestures as he delivers remarks after late-night passage of a $1 trillion infrastructure bill to repair the nation's airports, roads and bridges, at the White House in Washington, DC, US November 6, 2021.

Jonathan Ernst/Reuters

'Last night we proved we can, on one big item, we delivered,' says US President Joe Biden of the infrastructure bill

The $1 trillion infrastructure bill passed through Congress on Friday night, November 5, is a “once in a generation” investment that will create millions of jobs, US President Joe Biden said on Saturday, November 6.

“Finally, infrastructure week,” Biden said, opening remarks at the White House with a chuckle. “I’m so happy to say that – infrastructure week!”

Democrat Biden’s Republican predecessor Donald Trump declared “Infrastructure week” in 2018 but was unable to pass a bill after multiple tries during his presidency.

The bipartisan bill’s passage gives Biden a jolt of good news after sobering election losses for his Democratic party this week and a drop in his approval ratings. Referring to the losses, Biden said they showed American people “want us to deliver.”

“Last night we proved we can, on one big item, we delivered,” he said of the bill, which includes tens of billions in investments in road, rail, public transport, and broadband.

Biden said he will sign the bipartisan bill “soon” in a formal signing ceremony that highlights all the people who worked on it, Democrats and Republicans alike. Americans should see the impacts in coming months, he said.

The bipartisan infrastructure bill will create “blue-collar” jobs modernizing roads and bridges, and transform the transportation system, he said. The “vast majority” of the jobs created will not require a college degree, he said.

Americans “will see the effects of this bill probably starting within the next two to three months,” he said. –