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Trump scraps Republican convention in Florida due to coronavirus

Agence France-Presse, Agence France-Presse
'There's nothing more crowded than a convention,' Trump says

US President Donald Trump announced Thursday, July 23, that he was scrapping next month’s Republican Party nominating convention in Jacksonville, Florida, because of the coronavirus outbreak.

Trump, speaking at a White House press conference, said it was not the right time to do a “big, crowded convention.”

“The timing for this event is not right, it’s just not right with what’s happened recently,” he said.

Trump said convention events would be held “online in some form.”

He said Republican delegates who will nominate him as the party’s candidate in November’s election against Democrat Joe Biden will gather in North Carolina for a “reasonably quick meeting.” 

The main reason for canceling the Jacksonville event was “safety,” he said.

“I could see the media saying ‘Oh, this is very unsafe,'” Trump added.

“It’s hard for us to say we should have a lot of people packed into a room and then other people shouldn’t do it,” he said. “There’s nothing more crowded than a convention.

“I think we’re setting an example by doing it.”

The Republican convention had been scheduled to be held in Jacksonville from August 24-27.

Florida has recently experienced a surge in COVID-19 cases, which topped 4 million in the United States on Thursday. –