World Peace: PH in top 5 'most improved countries'

MANILA, Philippines - The Philippines joins Sri Lanka, Zimbabwe, Bhutan and Guyana in the list of top 5 countries that registered "improvements in peacefulness" in the 2012 Global Peace Index.

The report which was prepared by the Institute for Economics and Peace noted that the robust rise in the Philippines’ score stems from improvements in the following indicators:

The Philippines, according to the report, previously rated at moderate or high levels in the 4 indicators. Among incidents which affected the Philippine ratings in previous years:


The Institute, however, noted that this year's score is not directly comparable with that of the previous year owing to a change in the methodology.

Most, least peaceful

Ranking 133rd in a list of 158 countries rated by the Institute, the Philippines is nowhere near the list of 10 "most at peace" countries in the world. This distinction is enjoyed by the following:

The countries the Institute rated as "least at peace" are:

A copy of the report is embedded below. Do you agree with the findings? -