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Community Guidelines

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Community Guidelines
Our Communities of Action platform aims to be a safe space for constructive conversations around issues that matter. To help make this goal possible, we ask you to take note of these rules.

At Rappler, our goal is to inspire conversations that, we hope, could lead to meaningful actions. 

We encourage you to use our Communities of Action platform to express your thoughts and tackle issues that matter to you and your community. We ask that you keep a cool head and an open mind.

These guidelines will help ensure a safe space that respects dialogue and diversity, and will do no harm. 

1. Be kind and courteous. Let’s treat everyone with respect. We encourage healthy debates that foster understanding, not contempt.

2. No hate speech and bullying. Remember that you are interacting with a diverse group of individuals from different backgrounds and expertise. Make sure everyone feels safe. Bullying and degrading comments of any kind are not allowed.

3. Fact-check before you post. Credible sources only, please. Let’s all help make this space free from lies and fakes. 

4. Be authentic and credible. Provide accurate and honest information in your posts. Misleading or false content undermines the integrity of our Community.

5. Respect copyrights. Do not post copyrighted material without proper permission. When submitting content that you did not personally produce, please give credit to the original creators.

6. Value privacy. Protect your privacy and the privacy of others. Avoid sharing personal information, and obtain explicit consent before sharing someone else’s information.

7. Contribute meaningful and relevant content and feedback. Avoid spam, irrelevant posts, or any activity that may disrupt the community. Help others improve their work by offering suggestions and insights. Off-topic comments, even nicely written ones, will be removed.

8. Report concerns and violations. If you encounter any content or behavior that violates our guidelines, kindly report it promptly. Our team will review and take appropriate action.

9. Be accountable for your actions. Be aware that violations of these guidelines may result in consequences, including warnings, content removal, or account suspension.

10. Help the Community grow. Help us grow and improve our Community. Share your ideas, suggestions, and feedback to improve our platform. Always engage with others that encourage a culture of mutual support and collaboration.


The Rappler Community platform is moderated in part by a team of community managers and aided by artificial intelligence technologies. If your comment or post does not appear immediately, then it may have been flagged by the system. 

We ask that you be patient. Approval times may differ depending on time of day. We’ll get to your comments as soon as possible.


We are creating an environment where people can have meaningful, engaging, and fun conversations. While the Internet allows for free expression, we will also ensure that conversations are civil and respectful so that intelligent and thoughtful conversations prevail. 

Rappler Moderators reserve the right and final say to delete comments that take away from this experience. Repeat offenders run the risk of losing their commenting privileges for good. 
If you have any questions about Rappler, you may email You may also check our Site Use Policy. –

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