Maria Isabel Garcia

Maria Isabel Garcia is a science writer. She has written two books, "Science Solitaire" and "Twenty One Grams of Spirit and Seven Ounces of Desire." Her column Science Solitaire appears every Friday, and you can reach her at

Oct 2019
SCIENCE SOLITAIRE 11:00am, Oct 13, 2019
The offline rebellion

Yes, I realize the irony. You are reading a piece entitled "The offline rebellion" online. But nothing is pure, and if you can spare the time, maybe we can start to see what it would mean to be an ...

SCIENCE SOLITAIRE 11:00am, Oct 06, 2019
The failed search for the normal brain

No one memorable is normal. When you think of the most amazing persons in your life, they, in ways that are important to you, stand out. They are not normal. But are there really people who are ...

Sep 2019
SCIENCE SOLITAIRE 11:00am, Sep 29, 2019
Science says that when it comes to sex, it's really complicated

Many of the things that tear us apart come from reducing many things about life to one thing or its opposite. We are either good or evil, friends or enemies, believers or nonbelievers, rich or poor, ...

SCIENCE SOLITAIRE 11:00am, Sep 22, 2019
Heartbroken? Science says you should take a sick leave

You break, therefore you are. Nothing sears the truth of being alive than joy and heartbreak. They are two sides of the same life. We all aim for joy but we also find that in the many journeys ...

SCIENCE SOLITAIRE 11:00am, Sep 15, 2019
Food is no free lunch

Every time you eat something, you eat up a portion of the planet. That is a fundamental law of nature. Every time you consume something, you take up something from the real world and that has an ...

SCIENCE SOLITAIRE 11:00am, Sep 08, 2019
The trouble with YOLO

You only live once or YOLO has become what I call the "easy speak" of young people when they refer to an attitude of just maxing the present or the moment. While millennials may have come up with the ...

SCIENCE SOLITAIRE 11:00am, Sep 01, 2019
How can you read her emotions without looking at her face?

"If he really knew me. If he really, truly knew me…" I sang that song to myself in my teens whenever I felt doubt that my budding romantic relationship with someone who loved music was amounting to ...

Aug 2019
SCIENCE SOLITAIRE 11:00am, Aug 25, 2019
Google could be your twin moron if you do not make it your slave

Big loose shirt dress, fluffy pillow, cool rain outside, uncombed morning hair, really good fiction. Except for the book that requires my full attention to matter, the rest would require a one-time ...

SCIENCE SOLITAIRE 11:00am, Aug 18, 2019
Wear this and upgrade your brain

Imagine a classroom where the teacher could tell right away at any moment whether each student is paying attention to the subject the teacher is delivering. We all know that even if someone is ...

SCIENCE SOLITAIRE 11:00am, Aug 11, 2019
What is bleaker than the climate crisis?

Almost 30 years ago, when I was just beginning to consciously learn (which, in big part, also meant unlearning the wrong things that I have previously learned) that everything and everyone in nature ...