Maria Isabel Garcia

Maria Isabel Garcia is a science writer. She has written two books, "Science Solitaire" and "Twenty One Grams of Spirit and Seven Ounces of Desire." Her column Science Solitaire appears every Friday, and you can reach her at

Apr 2019
SCIENCE SOLITAIRE 11:00am, Apr 21, 2019
The science of awakening

What awakens us? Everyone is alive, observing each other and everything else, posting what they think of each other and the events happening in every layer of existence – from the personal to the ...

SCIENCE SOLITAIRE 11:00am, Apr 14, 2019
Death Day

I am always stalked by a sense of death. This started almost two decades ago when my husband fell ill. For the next 18 months, we prepared ourselves to say goodbye to each other. I have experienced ...

SCIENCE SOLITAIRE 11:00am, Apr 07, 2019
How about it? A no-selfie travel adventure

What do you surrender when you take a photo to share with the world online? That is not a trick question. It used to be that we just took photos to document the moment – to preserve it in captured ...

Mar 2019
SCIENCE SOLITAIRE 11:00am, Mar 31, 2019
The science behind 'taking it out on someone'

What are the ingredients of trust? If you are referring to trust in people you already know, the answers are obvious: consistency, sincerity, and dependability. But what if you were asked to trust ...

SCIENCE SOLITAIRE 11:00am, Mar 24, 2019
To be under the spell of a gaze

What really happens when you look into someone's eyes? So much has been said about eye contact being the definitive signal for truthfulness, trustworthiness, or at least, "connectedness" between ...

SCIENCE SOLITAIRE 11:00am, Mar 17, 2019
By the time you are 20

At middle age or older, are you as fired up to learn as much as you did before you were 20 years old? Think about that for a while. Is there a marked difference in your desire to learn? Is there a ...

SCIENCE SOLITAIRE 11:00am, Mar 10, 2019
Wait, plants could talk?

When my team and I worked with theater actors, we learned a concept called subtext. Subtext is what is really going on underneath what is being said or what is being played out in a scene. It is what ...

SCIENCE SOLITAIRE 11:00am, Mar 03, 2019
Can we really scale human learning?

We hold what we call weekly "Brainrains" where I work. This is when each team member takes a turn to share with the rest of the team anything that she or he finds fascinating. The member gets to ...

Feb 2019
SCIENCE SOLITAIRE 11:00am, Feb 24, 2019
The antidote to nagging childhood pain

If your childhood was painful, what kind of adult would you be? A study says how you survive your teenage years may be key. All of us, in some form or another, and in varying levels, have experienced ...

SCIENCE SOLITAIRE 11:00am, Feb 17, 2019
Genes and your Valentine prospects

"The continuation of the species is seldom in our minds when we ask for a phone number." That was the philosopher Alain de Botton's interpretation of German philosopher Schopenhauer's take on our ...