Maria Isabel Garcia

Maria Isabel Garcia is a science writer. She has written two books, "Science Solitaire" and "Twenty One Grams of Spirit and Seven Ounces of Desire." Her column Science Solitaire appears every Friday, and you can reach her at

Nov 2018
SCIENCE SOLITAIRE 11:00am, Nov 11, 2018
What does the state of your bookshelf say about you?

It is just a bunch of paper, with words on it, stuck together by two thicker pages on both ends but science says it is one of the most powerful forces on earth to shape a human life. Books. Kafka ...

SCIENCE SOLITAIRE 11:00am, Nov 04, 2018
Behold, an emotional meter based on the air we breathe

Social media does not have a nose, and that may be a big problem. I am not being symbolic or cute. I meant a literal nose – that very organ that many in our Kingdom (our biological Kingdom, ...

Oct 2018
SCIENCE SOLITAIRE 11:00am, Oct 28, 2018
Why blurting out the first thing that comes to your mind is not a virtue

If you want to know how mature someone is, a good measure would be to see how he or she deals with uncertainty. Uncertainty is the most common certainty – as common as the air we breathe. Maturity is ...

SCIENCE SOLITAIRE 11:00am, Oct 21, 2018
Science has started mapping our feelings

Try clocking in as many feelings as you could in a day – from the most mundane to the most heart-piercing moments. Notice the range and breadth of feelings that you experience. They range from ...

SCIENCE SOLITAIRE 11:00am, Oct 14, 2018
Thought-shifting spaces

"On weekends, that alley is taken over by books." I said that to myself, accompanied by heaps of envious feelings, as I was walking along the historic district of Mexico City last week. It is the ...

SCIENCE SOLITAIRE 11:00am, Oct 07, 2018
There is no such thing as forever – even with rice

Rice is as much a grain of sentiment as it is of nourishment. Whole cultures, economies, and industries have been built around rice – from research, to planting, to consumption. Songs about planting ...

Sep 2018
SCIENCE SOLITAIRE 11:00am, Sep 30, 2018
The best learners: the forager and the Renaissance human

It is really much more difficult to unlearn things rather than to learn them. We hold on to knowledge we have come to know and build, like valued possessions such as our houses, cars, and devices ...

SCIENCE SOLITAIRE 11:00am, Sep 23, 2018
The lovely secrets of the 'signing' brain

Language is not only speech. If you think it is, then you not only missed a great part of what education had to offer, but you also have been completely ignorant of what humans around you have been ...

SCIENCE SOLITAIRE 11:00am, Sep 16, 2018
The risking brain

There seems to be an oversupply of fear these days. We can argue till we are blue whether our fears are warranted or not. Some will say the accessibility to information gives us more reasons to be ...

SCIENCE SOLITAIRE 11:00am, Sep 09, 2018
The air that dims our brains

Whenever something goes wrong with our bodies and minds, we go on the path to find out what has gone wrong. And often, we assume that it's just one thing – usually, a process that is directly ...