Maria Isabel Garcia

Maria Isabel Garcia is a science writer. She has written two books, "Science Solitaire" and "Twenty One Grams of Spirit and Seven Ounces of Desire." Her column Science Solitaire appears every Friday, and you can reach her at

Sep 2018
SCIENCE SOLITAIRE 11:00am, Sep 16, 2018
The risking brain

There seems to be an oversupply of fear these days. We can argue till we are blue whether our fears are warranted or not. Some will say the accessibility to information gives us more reasons to be ...

SCIENCE SOLITAIRE 11:00am, Sep 09, 2018
The air that dims our brains

Whenever something goes wrong with our bodies and minds, we go on the path to find out what has gone wrong. And often, we assume that it's just one thing – usually, a process that is directly ...

SCIENCE SOLITAIRE 11:00am, Sep 02, 2018
How bitter becomes sweet: It's all in your head

I only eat halaya (a delicacy made mainly of ube or purple yam) when it is shaped like a big fish. Yes, a big fish. My mother is a great cook. When we, her children, were growing up, she made ...

Aug 2018
SCIENCE SOLITAIRE 11:00am, Aug 26, 2018
The 7-point science of why we forget our 'dark' past

No one makes an outright call to be "evil." People always think that what they stand for is the right thing, and often, they also think it is the only right thing, which is one big root of the ...

SCIENCE SOLITAIRE 11:00am, Aug 19, 2018
'Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who's the greatest cheat of them all?'

If you were someone living around 9,000 BC, you would have carried livestock around in your "wallet" as proof that you were "loaded." Livestock then was literally and metaphorically "big bucks" – it ...

SCIENCE SOLITAIRE 11:00am, Aug 12, 2018
Entering the age of human upgrades

Chemistry-wise, a human being is a glorified chemical cocktail that wasted no time to grow a humongous ego. Chemists will tell you that the elemental ingredients of a human are the following: But ...

SCIENCE SOLITAIRE 11:00am, Aug 05, 2018
The art and science of eating with total strangers

What makes a meal memorable? Is it the critic's rating? The way it was prepared? The one who prepared it? The story behind it? Or the ones with whom you ate it? These were the questions I asked ...

Jul 2018
SCIENCE SOLITAIRE 11:00am, Jul 29, 2018
The power of color on perception

Of the countless things that most, if not all, soon-to-be wives preoccupy themselves with, nothing is more confounding to me than the amount of time and energy they spend picking a color motif for ...

SCIENCE SOLITAIRE 11:00am, Jul 22, 2018
If you think love is (supply image), how will you love?

If you described your life as a “game,” how would you “play” it? If you looked at your life as a “ship” on a “journey,” how would you “sail” it? And if you saw “education” as an “investment,” then ...

SCIENCE SOLITAIRE 11:00am, Jul 15, 2018
Why 'gifted' is overrated

We always think that success comes with having passion. And when we say we have the passion or seething interest for something, we often associate it with something that has been there from the start ...