Get ready with Emma from 'Billie and Emma' and young rising star, Gabby Padilla

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Many started recognizing Gabby Padilla as the popular and loved Emma in Billie and Emma, a coming-of-age drama film depicting the awkward and honest affection between two Catholic schoolgirls grappling with the pressures of reality. 

It was her first main role and her debut as an actress recognized by many Philippine cinephiles.

She also had a supporting role in the popular 2018 film Goyo: Ang Batang Heneral and a main role as Yssa Miranda in the Netflix film Dead Kids

But if you’re Gabby’s avid follower, you won’t only know her by her talent, but by her words, motivations, and intentions in fighting for every Filipino’s worth.

When people of the older generation say that the future is in the hands of the youth, I often picture a voice like Gabby’s, who takes on the fear and risk of being attacked by haters. As an inspiring young talent, she makes sure she uses her voice to promote advocacies and causes, both in fiction and reality.

Get to know the simple days of this voice of a young generation here.

FIRST DRAFT. The first thing I grab is my phone and it's usually to snooze one of the five alarms I've set the night before. I then proceed to check my emails, messages, and social media. If I have time, I'll probably read a few chapters of my current book or play a round of Mobile Legends. 

That's how adults do it, right?

SKINCARE ESSENTIALS. My skincare routine hasn't changed much, but being indoors and not having to wear a full face of makeup for work has helped my skin significantly. 

I use the COSRX Low PH Good Morning cleanser and VMV's ID Monolaurin Gel. I moisturize with either The Ordinary's Rosehip Oil or Kiehl's Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil, depending on what my skin needs and where I am on my cycle. At night I alternate between Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate or Estée Lauder’s Advanced Night Repair Face Serum. 

BEFORE I START. The most regular schedule I've had for work this entire quarantine period was when I taught online acting classes for a musical theater workshop. Aside from getting all my materials ready, I usually just need a cup of coffee and breakfast to get me through morning classes. 

Breakfast is simple – some banana and peanut butter on toast or pesto if I want something more savory.

IF I MUST GO. I usually throw on a comfy top, my favorite pang-everyday Mantou mom jeans, sneakers. And my face mask, of course.

IF I'M STAYING IN. Worn out, oversized t-shirts c/o my dad. All-day, every day.

FAVE DELIVERS. I love that so many friends have been cooking and baking. So a lot of my quarantine food deliveries have been homemade by friends. #SupportSmallBusinesses

ROUTINE REMINDERS. I've always enjoyed being home, so that part hasn't been such a big adjustment for me. 

Getting ready for work has changed though, I've been filming from home and I only need half an hour to get ready now. 

My get-ready routine for, say, an online go-see is pretty simple; concealer, cheek tint, and lipstick. My go-to is Bench Beauty's matte lipstick in Moon Dust.

Gabby's items
Get ready with Emma from “Billie and Emma” and young rising star, Gabby Padilla
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