Motivation isn’t seasonal: rainy weather pick-me-ups

Danna Peña
Motivation isn’t seasonal: rainy weather pick-me-ups
Stay inspired and on-the-go despite the drab weather

It’s that nap-inducing, counterproductive time of the year again. We know it when the rain constantly drums on our rooftops and class suspensions are regularly announced on news channels. Our beds seem more inviting, contemplative songs sound better, and hot chocolate seems the best thing you could get your hands on at any given moment.

While the rainy weather suspends classes – and if you’re lucky, your company may allow you to work from home, too – life doesn’t stop moving so you’ve got to keep going.

If you’re stranded, hustling at work or fortuitously stuck at home, here are instant pick-me-ups to help you stay motivated and inspired during the rainy season.

A no-fail rainy day playlist

It’s no big secret that music affects our mood. You can’t control Mother Nature, but we do have access to a vast selection of songs that can easily pick up our mood in dull-weathered days.

Make the most out of music apps like Spotify, Apple Music and Soundcloud by scoring tunes that make you feel great whatever the weather.

If you’re looking to soothe your soul and stay relaxed, listen to this recommended rainy day playlist curated on Spotify.

Binge your favorite movies and series

There are times we find ourselves in situations wishing we brought something that will make the moment even better. When the Internet is down due to brownouts and streaming sites fail, it’s essential to have a thumb drive – or a streaming subscription – packed with your favorite movies and no-fail series to stay entertained.

When you’re unceremoniously stranded with friends armed with laptops, it wouldn’t hurt to marathon your favorite shows with them, too!

If you’ve never set your eyes on a whimsical, sci-fi themed thriller series, try feasting your eyes on Netflix’s ‘Stranger Things’. Set in the 80s in small town Indiana, 12-year old Will Byers mysteriously disappears, which entails his group of friends to encounter supernatural events in their quest to find him. 

Snacks to munch on in case of getting stranded

A staple rainy day essential are snacks to fill your stomach with in the event of being stranded or stuck in traffic jams. Plus, when you’re exhausted and drenched in your rush hour commute, the last thing you want to be is starving for food.

Opt for healthy snacks that don’t sacrifice taste. Munching on these will hinder you from being sluggish and will keep you feeling well and energized.

Don’t forget to stay hydrated, too, by making sure to carry around a tumbler with you!

A great book

Rain means a lot of waiting, a lot of traffic, and a lot of down time. Be productive by fattening up your vocabulary and immersing yourself in books with topics that interest you.

Did you also know that successful people read at least one book per week?

If you want a light but heart wrenching read, peruse through ‘The Art of Racing in the Rain’ by Garth Stein. It’s narrated by Enzo, a thoughtful dog who shares with you his philosophical insights on the human condition, especially that of his race car driving owner, Denny Swift.

Podcasts that inspire and motivate

If listening to hugot songs in the rain does you more bad than good, switch it by listening to podcasts. Learn new things, get your thinking juices flowing and be inspired by tuning into podcast channels that are in line with your goals and personality.

For Creatives:

For Entrepreneurs:

For the thirsty mind:

Rain gear that keeps you going places

Last but definitely not the least, stay armed and prepared with rain gear that lets you brave through the rain in your everyday hustle.

Cozy it up in a comfortable hoodie, conquer grimy sidewalks in great quality boots, and of course, carry an umbrella with you at all times to shield you (and your stunning outfit) from the rain.

Visit Rappler Shop and browse through their best-selling items such as their Pullover Hoodie and Be The Good Glass Tumbler.

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