How food ‘innovations’ lead to a better you
New products like Quorn are helping us rethink food – how we find it, make it, and eat it

MANILA, Philippines – We’re always reading headlines on something new to rave about: the latest smartphone model, a medical discovery, or some breakthrough technology that makes things run faster, grow quicker, or produce results at cheaper costs.

What does this tell us? Humans are always finding solutions to make things better. In our daily lives, we’re hardwired to seek new things that will improve our well-being.

Take our food preferences, for example. Aside from choosing whole or fresh ingredients, it’s becoming increasingly popular to go vegetarian, vegan, or pescetarian. Those who adopt these choices are influenced by health reasons or concern for the environment.

CAN YOU TURN JUNK FOOD TO GOOD FOOD? Your favorite pizza can be made healthier with different ingredients

Still others would take it a step further, and go for options that truly push “innovation” in eating: fortified produce and drinks, one-step, no-cook meals, or even trying out new food categories that not only taste good, but are also good for the body.

The food product that’s “changing the game”

If you want to take that leap in changing what you put in your body, without compromising taste, texture, and even the entire experience of eating good food, you’ve got better options today.

In the 1960s, a man named Lord Rank tried to find an alternative source of protein, given that the food demand was on the rise due to the world’s growing population. He wanted to create something that was not only filling, but healthy too. After decades of research, he found a way to produce protein without animals with his discovery of Mycoprotein.

Mycoprotein is a naturally healthy protein that is low in saturated fat and calories, high in protein and fiber, and has zero cholesterol. It comes from a form of nutritional fungus – specifically from one of the largest groups within the fungi family, which includes truffle. It’s the key ingredient of Quorn, a well-known brand of meat-free food from the UK.

Quorn’s range of meat-free protein products can enable you to enjoy healthier versions of your favorite meals without compromising taste. More than it being good for the body, it’s also good for the environment: compared to beef, it produces 90% less greenhouse gases and requires 90% less water.*

INNOVATION. Enjoy your favorite meat dishes the healthy way without compromising taste

In control of making better choices

Science has already helped us figure out what’s healthy: get enough carbohydrates, protein, and fat, exercise 2-3 times a week, and drink a lot of water every day.

Now, we have new alternatives that aren’t just healthier, but possibly tastier and more sustainable, too.

Innovations like Quorn are helping us rethink food – how we find it, make it, and eat it.

TAKING CONTROL, MAKING BETTER CHOICES. More than choosing to live an active life, choosing what you put in your body greatly impacts your health

Does this have an impact on your overall well-being? Possibly. When you’re empowered to have more choices, whether in food or in your lifestyle, you learn not to settle. You learn to always go for what you deem as better.

This, of course, starts with being more open-minded about alternatives.

So the next time that you walk down the grocery aisle, know that you have the choice to try something new and better for you and your loved ones. Remember that even simple food choices can lead to a world of difference.

With more options on the plate, it’s up to you to choose the best one for you, your family and the environment.

*Information provided by Quorn

Quorn™ is now available in the Philippines in all S&R stores nationwide and in Legazpi Sunday Market. You can also have a taste through two pizza variants available in Shakey’s. Visit their Facebook page or their website for more details. 

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