What’s a classic Pinoy Christmas reunion like?

Does yours involve karaoke and a lot of food?

MANILA, Philippines — No one does reunions like Pinoys.

All year, we look forward to Christmas, when we reunite with relatives and welcome loved ones from abroad. For barkadas, it’s a way to unwind and relive memories.

Sometimes organizing a reunion can be a struggle. Ever been frustrated with friends who come up with “drawing” plans?

From its successful Singlebells Keribels online video material, McDonald’s this time captures the heartwarming and hilarious aspects of reunions on its social pages. Dubbed as #KitakitsUlit, the posts featured reunions this season, including common excuses such as biglang overtime, out of town, di nagising, and more, which all drew likes and story shares from netizens.

When they do happen, however, these reunions are worth the wait.

The spirit of Christmas

Pinoys tend to go all out during the holiday reunions, with enough yummy food to feed the whole baranggay, energetic song and dance numbers, karaoke competitions, and pabonggahan when it comes to exchange gifts.

We also make it a point to catch up with our relatives abroad via call or video chat.

As kids, the simplest celebrations were the best. We’d dress up to go to Simbang Gabi with our friends. 

But it doesn’t take a lot for us to really enjoy Christmas. Spending time catching up with people we haven’t seen in months, laughing over memories, and making promises to see each other again next year — that’s what we love about the holiday.

Eating together is a central part of get-togethers. This season, celebrate a simple but happy Christmas at McDonald’s with your friends and family. Enjoy the Holiday McShare, which includes Chicken McDo and McNuggets.

As a Christmas gift to Simbang Gabi goers, McDonald’s is giving free Premium Roast Coffee with any breakfast item purchased from December 16 to 24, 4:30-6am, in select stores nationwide. Check mcdonalds.com.ph to see if there’s a store near you after hearing Simbang Gabi.

Make #KitaKitsUlit happen this year! Spend quality time with your loved ones over good food for a merry Christmas. — Rappler.com