What is it like to have timeless, #WalangIwanan friendships?

What is it like to have timeless, #WalangIwanan friendships?
Times may change but some things, like friendships, will always stay the same

MANILA, Philippines – All our lives, we get by with a little help from our friends.

Growing up, they made being a kid stuck at home fun by asking us to go outside and play. First days of school were less scary because we knew they were there and also just as scared.

It was easier to stand up to bullies because you knew you got each other’s backs. And we were never afraid to put our hearts on our sleeves and even have it broken because that first sip of beer while wallowing with our friends made it all worth it.

Even as we get older, now with better shoes and clothes, it’s still our friends that we would run to in times of trouble.

Thinking of quitting a job you’re not happy in? Your friends would know if it’s time or if it’s just one of those moments. Is your relationship on the rocks? Your friends have probably already noticed something wasn’t right even before you did.    

Closing the gap

If there’s something that cuts across generations, it’s our love for our friends.

We see it with our parents, titos, titas, lolos and lolas. No matter how old they get, seeing their friends would always spark a different kind of joy and bring back all the good memories they’ve shared.

No matter how distinctly different our generation is over the other, this is something we would always agree on – our traditions with friends should always be kept alive.

For Jerico and his dad, Joaquin, coming together with friends over bottles of the classic San Miguel Pale Pilsen is one of those.

Joaquin is a seaman. Whenever he gets a sign off from the ship, he would celebrate his homecoming by drinking San Miguel Pale Pilsen with his officemates. And when Jerico, too, grew up to have his own friends to celebrate special occasions with, he brought this tradition along with him.

Side by side

San Miguel Pale Pilsen highlights this timeless tradition of celebrating with friends in their ‘Side by Side’ campaign. The videos show that no matter which generation you belong to, you would all agree that the best kind of friendship believes in #WalangIwanan.

(PRO TIP: As the title suggests, you have to watch the two videos side by side to get the full picture)

Do you have your own #WalangIwanan friendships? Share your story with us! – Rappler.com

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