Lifestyles before and after the digital age

What do you think of life without speedy Internet connections and social media?

MANILA, Philippines — If you plucked one of today’s active digital natives out of this decade and into the early 1990s, no doubt he would have something to say.

To a digital native, life before the information age is starkly different. Some might prefer it, and others probably wouldn’t be able to comprehend it. Just think about it: It was only some 10 years ago when you needed to scratch the grey strip on prepaid cards to get an hour of snail-paced web surf. It was a time when people used to keep actual address books to stay updated with friends and family. And it was an era when the cellphone was considered as a business communication tool, not something for the everyday consumer. Makes you wonder how mothers contacted their kids or how friends made last minute plans with each other.

Now that we are alive and thriving in the boom of the digital age, we aren’t just enjoying faster Internet connections or brandishing fancy gadgets — we’re enjoying meaningful innovations that provide entertainment, convenience, and peace of mind to this generation.

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The difference between then and now is most apparent when it comes to how we spend our idle moments. While biding our time we can do more than just nap or stare out the window.


Have you ever wondered how people got around or dealt with small inconveniences way back when? With the technology that we have now, everything is so much easier it’s almost hard to imagine life without them.


When a parent is away from his or her child for too long, anxiety ensues. Now with the power of call, text, and the Internet, those times apart are much less scary.

Copy: Nikki Natividad | Graphics: Mara Mercado

Technology isn’t just about evolving; it’s about delivering meaningful innovations that enrich different aspects of our lives. Applications like Fox on Viewstream keep us entertained while we’re on-the-go. Services like Tripda help us beat the traffic and save gas through clever carpooling solutions. And devices like the PLDT Fam Cam affords families some peace of mind. These, alongside other mobile applications like Uber, Skype, and Instagram, help us lead a #SmartLife.