Rappler Talk: Coronavirus and the economy

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MANILA, Philippines – The coronavirus pandemic has further exposed Philippine society's gaps in infrastructure, health care, and social services.

Thousands are feared to join the vulnerable population as businesses take a hit, while those who are already poor plunge deeper into poverty.

President Rodrigo Duterte's economic managers have lauded Congress for giving him special powers during this crisis, allowing him to reallocate billions of pesos to much needed plans. (READ: DOCUMENT: Duterte’s 30 special powers to deal with the coronavirus outbreak)

What plans, exactly? Lawmakers who opposed the new powers said the measure gave Duterte a "blank check," as his team has yet to unveil concrete plans.

Several economists and business experts have already spoken out: forget about growth targets, focus on public health.

Rappler business reporter Ralf Rivas talks to Nicholas Mapa, ING Bank Manila's senior economist, on where the government should pump cash and what life after the coronavirus could be like. – Rappler.com