MTRCB releases results of meeting with ‘It’s Showtime’ executives on ‘Pastillas Girl’ segment
MTRCB releases results of meeting with ‘It’s Showtime’ executives on ‘Pastillas Girl’ segment
In a 3-page document, the MTRCB details the results of the Gender and Development conference with 'It’s Showtime' management

MANILA, Philippines –The Movie and Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB) released on Wednesday, October 14, the results of the Gender and Development conference with It’s Showtime management regarding the Pastillas Girl segment.

In a 3-page document, the show and the board agreed to the following: Angelica Yap aka Pastillas Girl will be protected as young woman, with the program continuously “introducing scenes depicting her empowerment as a person while she faces various challenges in her young life.” According to the board, it will help go beyond the impression that Angelica is just looking for a boyfriend on the segment.




The document also said that the program should also continue briefing Angelica before the segment as she is now a “public figure,” and thus might be considered a role model for many viewers. This will also ensure that everything is aligned with the program’s PG rating.

Aside from this, the board acknowledged that the show provided a life coach to assist Angelica. “Our special sub-committee also acknowledged your manifestation that you have actually provided Ms. Yap a life coach so that she may be guided as to how to mold her character positively and enable her to plan her life with care and informed choices, to the end that she will hopefully be able to avoid the eadier pitfalls she experienced. It may be good to bring this out in the progam upon prior consultation with Ms. Yap and her family,” said the letter.

Finally, the board acknowledged that Showtime said that the outfits worn on the show go through a 3-tiered screening process, and that it is the show’s rule to “require prior rehearsal by any performer for review and approval by program executives, to the end that the number does not violate any norm of gender-sensitivity or other rule.”

Last October 6, the MTRCB issued a letter to meet executives of It’s Showtime‘s management after getting complaints from viewers and groups about the segment. 

It’s Showtime issued a statement on October 8, saying that they were not “pimping” Angelica on the show, saying  Angelica was never forced to do the segment.

Angelica became popular after her video went viral on social media. In the video, she recited the ingredients of pastillas de leche  (soft milk candy) in relation to her being dumped by her boyfriend. (READ: Meet ‘Pastillas Girl,’ on a quest to find love)

The video led her to an appearance on It’s Showtime, which has dedicated a segment for her in her quest to find a new relationship. –

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