Dolphy as National Artist? Son Epy Quizon: 'We don’t need a trophy'

MANILA, Philippines – For Epy Quizon, a National Artist Award is exactly just that – another award to add to his father Dolphy’s collection.

“It’s a trophy that he has in his collection. We don’t need a trophy,” Epy said of Dolphy’s National Artist Award nomination during the TOFARM press conference on Monday, September 3.

In 2009, Dolphy was nominated for the National Artists Award but was denied by the selection committee. Three months after his death in 2013, Dolphy was again nominated. As Rappler previously reported, the selection is a long, thorough process consisting of two levels – peer evaluation and evaluation of established artists. His nomination reportedly faced problems in the second level.

No longer disheartened, Epi explained that, for him, the genuine love and appreciation their family has been receiving from fans who were touched by Dolphy’s movies is more than enough.

“We need people believing that my father was part of their culture. ‘Yun okay na kami. (We're okay with that). Malaman lang naming napatawa sila ng tatay ko, (To find out that our father makes them laugh) that’s the biggest trophy that we need, that’s the award that every Filipino can give.”

Looking back, the Alimuom star shared that more than being a successful artist, he was inspired by Dolphy unparalleled work ethic.

“Be there on time, listen to the director, to collaborate, to do things that can help the culture and to be there for your fellow co-workers in the business,” he shared talking about the most valuable lessons he learned from his father.

“Actually, it’s more on the principle… yung prinsipyo (the princple) of being an actor, the responsibilities that comes with it, how you can deal with the people that you work. with the director, the producer, your co-actors. That’s what I want to learn from him and I’m still learning.” –