'Game of Thrones' star Nathalie Emmanuel: 14 things about life inside and outside Westeros

3. She spent Thanksgiving with Vin Diesel and his family while filming in Atlanta. “That was just so great ‘cause being English, we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, but they were really adamant that I wasn’t to be in my hotel by myself,” said Nathalie. “That says it all already about the people – the person that Vin is and his family are.”

4. The Maze Runner bunch welcomed her into the fold with playing Mario KartHowever, Nathalie confessed that she chose to watch in the sidelines most of the time because she’s not quite good at it. It’s that case of when everyone’s finished, and they’re like, waiting for me who’s in 12th, stuck in a corner, and going the wrong way,” she said.

5. One of the coolest perks of being on Game of Thrones is getting to read the scripts in advance. She says that she sympathizes with the viewers though: “I came into season 3, but I watched from the beginning religiously. I’m there with you guys.”

6. If she wasn’t Missandei, she would like to play Cersei.  “Being baddies is always fun,” said Nathalie.

7. Daenerys and Tyrion are her favorite characters. “She’s my homie as well, so I gotta be loyal,” she said about the Khaleesi, but on Tyrion, “just because he’s so brilliant and hilarious.”

8. “Daenerys is my homie” should be on a shirt because the Mother of Dragons are friends on and off-screen. “They genuinely support each other, and they recognize each other’s abilities and powers where two women from very, very different backgrounds, upbringings, and what-have-you,” she said about the friendship between Daenerys and Missandei.

Off-screen, she says that she and Emilia Clarke are a “match made in heaven, because we hang out off-set and stuff.” She even shared, “We like to have little tea parties.”

9. Although Game of Thrones is massive, she feels very much at home on set. She said, “Every time we go back, I’m so excited. It’s like going home or going back to school – it’s familiar and comfortable. Every one works really, really hard, and are so down-to-earth and so sweet.”

[Spoilers ahead for those who haven’t seen Season 5]

10. “For the watch,” Jon Snow? “I have no answer. I’m sorry to say.” #Dracarys

11. Valar morghulis – all men must die,” as the Valyrian aphorism goes. What if she were given a chance to choose how to die? “She’s had a hard life, you know –slavery and all that craziness. So I kind of wanna like, settle down and be happy,” said Nathalie as her first option. “But then, part of me is just like, maybe she can just die in an epic battle and kick some butt first. Suddenly, we realize that she’s like a ninja secretly, and we’re like, ‘Oh my God, Missandei is so badass!’”

Well, maybe Nathalie just forgot that Daenerys actually quipped in one episode where “Valar morghulis” was mentioned, “But we are not men.”

12. With Daario and Jorah gone to look for Daenerys, who flew off with Drogon in the penultimate episode of Season 5, the triumvirate of Missandei, Grey Worm, and Tyrion is left with a volatile situation in Meereen. 

“We were left with Peter Dinklage in our little team, so we’re seeing a whole new dynamic with that group, which only Tyrion can bring, I think. So that’s gonna be fun to watch,” said Nathalie.

She also later added, “[Missandei has] been there many times and understands the culture. Maybe she could be a voice for the Meereenese people, and maybe help the people in the Pyramid understand what’s going on in the city.”

13. While much has been said about the women of Game of Thrones, Nathalie says that their portrayal has been diverse, “a real mix,” but always about being strong: “We’re seeing very, very intelligent women who are surviving this very, very harsh world that the wonderful George [R.R.] Martin created for them.”

As Season 5 was also filled with jaw-dropping drama, the show’s women were especially at the fore. She said: “We had some pretty dark things happening to some female characters last season, but they persevere and they keep going. I think that’s really important when we see that.”

14. She thinks Missandei sets up a great example by representing “people who have nothing and come from nothing, but using what’s up here and their courage to overcome incredible, astonishing circumstances.”

Nathalie Emmanuel as Missandei and Jacob Anderson as Grey Worm.

Photo by Helen Sloan/HBO

She added, “Her intelligence is what made Daenerys go, ‘I see you. We need to be friends. We need to be in cahoots.’ I think Missandei absolutely represents that, and that’s why I love playing her.” – Rappler.com

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