Joey Mead's husband Ian King comes out as a trans woman

MANILA, Philippines (UPDATED) – Businessman Ian King, husband of TV host and model Joey Mead King, has come out as a trans woman.

On Instagram Saturday, July 2, Ian, now using the name Angelina Mead King, posted a photo of her and Joey together. The caption goes: "My rock and my number one supporter! @joeymeadking I Love You! "

Joey responded to the post by saying "Love is Love."

My rock and my number one supporter! @joeymeadking I Love You!  #loveislove #beproud #betruebeyou #lovewins #transgender #mtf A photo posted by Angelina Mead King (@hailtothe_queen_) on Jul 2, 2016 at 10:20am PDT


Friends of the couple such as Myrza Sison, designer Mark Bumgarner, Rajo Laurel, and others posted messages of encouragement for the couple.

On her Instagram account, Joey posted a photo with the caption "Freedom." 

Freedom .. A photo posted by joeymeadking (@joeymeadking) on Jul 2, 2016 at 12:50am PDT


The same photo was reposted on the Instagram account @hailtothe_king, Angelina's other account, with the caption: "Best hangover cure @joeymeadking."

Angelina's brother Atticus also showed support by posting a photo on Instagram.

"Here's a pic with my former kuya who is now my ate. Meet my "new" sister Angie @hailtothe_queen_ @kim_epil, @joeymeadking," Atticus said.


Here's a pic with my former kuya who is now my ate. Meet my "new" sister Angie @hailtothe_queen_ @kim_epil @joeymeadking #kingandqueens #yesiwillshaveit A photo posted by @atticusking on Jul 2, 2016 at 11:32am PDT


Motoring journalist James Deakin showed support for Ian's transition by posting a message on Facebook.

"So one of the car guys I look up to the most, is now a woman. Hey, if you ain't hurting anyone and it makes you happy, it's all the same to me. Good luck, Ian/Angie," he said. 


Angelina thanked James via Twitter.

Thank you for the support James — Ian Angelo King (@Hailtothe_King) July 2, 2016

Angelina also posted this message on Facebook.

"What's a dream, I couldn't sleep from being so happy! Thank you to everyone for the love and support. You can't imagine what kind of weight has been lifted off my heart. I am excited to see you all soon," she wrote.



Angelina, who manages Victoria Court and is behind the Car Porn Racing automotive business, married Joey back in 2011. –