[WATCH] Rappler Live Jam: Kean Cipriano

Kean Cipriano is performing on Rappler Live Jam!

Kean rose to fame as the frontman of pop rock band Callalily, which first came together in 2006. The band has since released 5 studio albums, and has become known for songs like "Stars," "Magbalik," and "Pasan."

Kean went on to pursue an acting career, and is now taking the time to make his own music, releasing solo tracks like "Tangina" and "Later When I'm Drunk."

Recently, Kean dropped his latest song, "Make Me Fly" on September 19. The song will be part of his upcoming solo album currently in the works.

Catch Kean as he performs and talks about his new song on Rappler Live Jam on Saturday, September 19. Bookmark this page or head over to fb.com/rapplerdotcom. – Rappler.com