WATCH: Julie Anne San Jose covers 'Rocket To The Moon' from 'Over The Moon'

Julie Anne San Jose channels her inner Fei Fei as she covers "Rocket to the Moon," a song from the animated film Over The Moon, which premiered on Netflix on October 23.

Julie's cover was released on October 28, along with a music video where the singer is surrounded by animation straight from the film.

"Rocket To The Moon" was originally perofrmed by Chinese-Filipina actress Cathy Ang, who voiced the film's main character Fei Fei, a young girl who, after losing her mother, builds a rocket to go to the moon to prove the existence of the mythical Moon Goddess Chang'e.

In the film, Fei Fei manages to get to he moon and soon discovers that the goddess is in fact real, but not what she expected – more like an imperious pop diva than the regal celestial being she had imagined. Fei Fei then winds up on a surprise quest through Chang'e's whimsical kingdom, Lunaria.

"I'm happy and honored that they have chosen me to do a cover of ‘Rocket to the Moon.’ I hope I was able to give justice to the song and hope that fans like it!" Julie said.

“I admire how the song portrayed the character build-up of Fei Fei. The first part of the lyrics was full of self-doubt, then as the song goes on, you can now feel the determination and confidence of her character,” she said.

"Usually, my [music] style is R&B or ballad, sometimes I do rap covers. And doing a song cover of ‘Rocket to the Moon’ brought me back to the days where I was just a kid who had big dreams," she added.

Over The Moon also stars Hamilton's Phillipa Soo as Chan'e. It was directed and executive produced by Glen Keane, who won the Academy Award for Best Animated Short in 2018 for Dear Basketball, a film written and narrated by late basketball great Kobe Bryant. It is co-directed by John Kahrs, based off a script by the late screenwriter Audrey Wells.

The songs were done by Christopher Curtis and Helen Park, with a score by Oscar winner Steven Price.

Over The Moon is now available for streaming on Netflix. –