Windows going for yearly upgrades?

Is Microsoft planning a new upgrade cycle for the Windows operating system? Some are saying, "Yes."

TRUE BLUE? Is Windows planning yearly updates under the Blue codename? Photo from

MANILA, Philippines – Is Microsoft prepping a low-cost version of the Windows operating system? A new report seems to point toward a new path for the Microsoft’s flagship OS.

The Verge reports that “sources close to Microsoft’s plans” are preparing more regular updates across the Windows and Windows phone OS types using an approach codenamed “Blue.”

According to the report, Windows will receive yearly low-cost or otherwise free upgrades to ensure a high adoption rate. After Windows Blue’s release, the Windows software development kit (SDK) will be updated to allow application development for Blue. Microsoft will eventually stop accepting Windows 8-specific apps, though Windows 8 apps will still work on Blue-enabled machines.

The Blue initiative, while apparently a discreet forward push for the OS, may also double as a security measure. The Verge mentions how a genuine Windows copy is required to update to the Blue version of the OS, which is supposed to still be called Windows 8. 

Microsoft, however, has refused to comment or discuss Windows Blue, so savvy computer users will want to watch out for further updates in the future. – 

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