Instagram rolls out new features

Instagram ramps up its capabilities for increased popularity

MORE GOODIES. Instagram gets new features, an additional filter, and other improvements. Screen shot from Instagram.

MANILA, Philippines – In tandem with Twitter’s new competing capabilities and its recent photo feud with the microblogging service, Instagram has ramped up its systems to become more enticing to users. 

Instagram has released a new version of the the photo-sharing application for iOS devices, as well as an incremental upgrade for the Android version.

A quick list on the Instagram announcement outlines some of the new changes for the iOS version of the app:

  • Instagram-themed shutter & shutter release button
  • A preview of the most recent photo on your camera roll
  • Improved Camera Roll image selector (iPhone 5 only) for quick access to your last photograph
  • Optional grid guide for live photos and a permanent grid guide for the scale & crop screen
  • Speed and reliability improvements

Along with the above-mentioned changes is a new filter called Willow, which is “a monochrome filter with subtle purple tones and a translucent glowing white border.” Instagram has also altered the app’s blur algorithms to allow for better quality and accuracy.

On the Android front, the incremental addition added the Willow filter to the list of available filters, as well as improvements to app stability and performance.

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