Facebook’s privacy settings get new revisions

Facebook's making revisions to the way people maintain their privacy to make it easier and quicker

KEEP IT PRIVATE. Facebook gets revised sharing and privacy features. Screen shot from Facebook shows the new privacy shortcuts interface.

MANILA, Philippines – If you’ve noticed some little alterations on your Facebook page, there’s no need to fret. Facebook’s just doing its thing by rolling out revisions to its privacy settings to allow for better control of your account. 

According to the December 12 announcement on the Facebook Newsroom blog, the site has rolled out Privacy Shortcuts to allow for quick management of things you can share, an Activity Log that’s simpler to use, and app permissions that allow for better modification of what people can see. The company has also made information regarding the changes more visible. 

A “Request and Removal tool for managing multiple photos” a user is tagged in will also come out by the end of the year.

TechCrunch’s analysis posits the changes are there to increase user trust in the social networking service, thus making people more amenable to sharing information and using the site.

At the very least, a one-click block button is now available for people to stop troll accounts from assailing users. – Rappler.com