Wikipedia gets mobile editing

The Wikimedia Foundation introduces mobile editing for Wikipedia entries

WIKIPEDIA MOBILE. The Wikimedia Foundation will now let users edit Wikipedia on their phones or tablets. Screen shots from Wikimedia

MANILA, Philippines – Acknowledging the growth of Wikipedia’s mobile userbase, the Wikimedia Foundation announced that mobile editing will now be available for Wikipedia.

In its announcement post, the Wikimedia Foundation acknowledged the growth of mobile Wikipedia use, citing that over 15% of Wikipedia users now access it from a mobile device.

Users can now sign in or create a Wikimedia account on their mobile phones by going to the Wikimedia Mobile sign-in page. After logging in, they can then go to an article and use the pencil next to a section to create changes to a given section.

From the looks of things, the Wikimedia Foundation is doing a trial run for now to make the experience relatively painless for everyone. Bugs and feedback can be sent to the @WikimediaMobile Twitter account and the foundation will likely work on improving the service as more people chime in.

In the meantime, you should be able to use the Wikimedia Mobile editor in tandem with the Wikimedia commons app released in April to edit text and send in pictures. –