Samsung unveils CES Home Entertainment lineup

Samsung unveils four multiple room-multiple channel home entertainment devices for CES 2014

MANILA, Philippines – Wireless speakers setup across multiple rooms. That’s the direction Samsung is taking with the launch of its Home Entertainment lineup for the International Consumer Electronics Show 2014 (CES). 

The South Korean company announced 4 new devices that it plans to show off at CES 2014 in Las Vegas on January 7-10, 2014 including an entry-level M5 speaker, new Sound Bar and Sound Stand models, the MX-HS8500 GIGA Sound System and the HT-H7730WM Blu-ray Home Entertainment System. 

M5 Speakers

The M5 speakers can be used solo in a room or paired wirelessly with other M5 (or the previously released M7) speakers located in other rooms of the house. The speakers can be tethered to multiple music sources creating what Samsung calls a “multi-room, multi-channel” setup.

Sound Bar & Sound Stand

The Sound Bar (picture above) and Sound Stand are low profile devices meant to do the job of larger speaker systems and are designed for small spaces like bedrooms or small apartments.

Both devices provide cinematic sound and also function as a means of connecting wirelessly to your TV. The 320W HW-H750 Sound Bar is designed to look good next to a large screen TV while the HW-H750 Sound Stand (not pictured) is meant to serve as a stand for TVs 32-55 inches.  Both devices support Samsung’s TV Sound Connect feature which outputs TV audio wirelessly via Bluetooth. 

Samsung MX-HS8500 GIGA Sound System

Samsung claims the new MX-HS8500 GIGA sound system is the world’s first main body-integrated audio system. The system is designed to be your mobile party device. It’s got wheels, is pimped out with lighting effects and at 2500W is sure to rock the house. The speaker system supports Samsung’s Bluetooth Hi-Fi Codec which allows lossless wireless streaming.

Samsung HT-H7730WM Blu-ray Home Entertainment System

The HT-H7730WM Blu-ray Home Entertainment System is a 7.1 channel system with 9.1 virtual channels. Samsung claims it is the only consumer electronics brand to offer the new DTS Neo: Fusion II codec. The system includes and amplifier, 6 speakers (2 tallboys, 2 wireless rear satellites, 1 center and 1 sub-woofer) and a Blu-ray player that can upscale standard and high definition content to Ultra-High Definition (UHD). –

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