Play written by young Filipino to show in New York

NEW YORK – Golden Girl by the Sea, a collaborative and movement-based play featuring a diverse cast and written by a Filipino artist, will be shown at the Greek Cultural Center in New York on June 12 and 15.

Dorothea Gloria, a recent graduate from the Stella Adler Day Conservatory, wrote this play with her peers at Adler.  It's her second play for a New York audience. (READ: Pinay playwright debuts in New York theater)

Golden Girl By the Sea revolves around the story of Xrysi, who goes through different trials given by the Greek gods in order to find the person she loves. Through Xrysi’s battles with her inner demons, Gloria aims to reach out to her audiences about self-love.

The play’s cast reflects the trend in theater right now – where ethnic diversity is highlighted in productions. It includes Chrysi Sylaidi from Greece; Annasole Podestà from Italy; Vincent Van der Velde from Belgium; Fritz Leonard Bücker from Germany; Sarah Bitar from Lebanon; Josh Davis and Emma Harvey from Australia; Ella Rivers from the US; and herself from the Philippines. 

The play is directed by Gwendolyn Snow and Assisted by Adam Martin. Golden Girl by The Sea will be shown at the Greek Cultural Center in New York on June 12, Wednesday, at 7 pm and June 15, Saturday, at 2 pm. –