WATCH: Joe and Love start a family in 'You' season 3 trailer

The trailer for You season 3 is out now, teasing an even darker season to come.

In season 3, Joe and Love move to the suburbs with a baby in tow. It's a wholesome plotline for any other couple, but not for Joe and Love, with their history of murder.

At first, they attempt to be "the nice, normal neighbors next door," but things take a grim turn, as it always does with these two. Joe develops a new obsession, which isn't good when you're married, and to a possessive and jealous killer at that.

Inevitably, the trailer ends with a shot of husband and wife digging a grave while their poor child waits innocently in the foreground.

Penn Badgley and Victoria Pedretti return as Joe and Love in season 3, to be joined by Michaela McManus, Dylan Arnold, Tati Gabrielle, Shalita Grant, Travis Van Winkle, Scott Speedman, and Scott Michael Foster.

You season 3 premieres on Netflix on October 15. –