Inside the Industry: Electric Studio wants you to think beyond weight loss
We talk about the indoor cycling phenomenon, and Kris Sy and Jam Munasque’s first try on the indoor bike


MANILA, Philippines – The first time Kristina Sy clipped in for an indoor cycling class, she fell in love.

She was determined to bring this kind of exercise back home to Manila because, as they say, “the workout that’s gonna work for you is the one that you really love doing.”

Back in 2015, studios that offer one (and just one) type of exercise were mostly unheard of in Metro Manila. The first pop-up studio was “dingy” (Kris’ words, not ours), had no website to back it up, and the aircon was leaking. But to her pleasant surprise, it became an underground hit.

Since then, Electric Studio has grown into a diverse community of people who always carve out time for an intense 45 minutes of exercise across 4 branches in different parts of Metro Manila.

In this episode of Inside the Industry, we talk to Electric Studio CEO and co-founder Kris Sy and Electric Studio instructor Jam Munasque about indoor cycling, their first rides ever, Taylor Swift (yup), and what Electric Studio is all about.

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