Max’s Corner Bakery has new bibingka and puto bumbong cheesecakes

The pastries and cake arm of Max's Restaurant, Max's Corner Bakery, has released two new Pinoy favorite desserts, just in time for the holidays – the puto bumbong and bibingka cheesecake.

Max's Corner Bakery transforms two Pinoy Christmas classics into cheesecakes – the bibingka cheesecake combines soft vanilla chiffon cake with a cheesecake base, topped with salted egg slivers.

The puto bumbong cheesecake, which is made with glutinous rice flour, is flavored with real ube, topped with ube crumbs, coconut flakes, and muscovado sugar.

Both of Max's new Pinoy holiday cheesecakes start at P289.

You can place your orders via Max's Metro Manila hotline number (888-79000) or via Max's website. –