[Two Pronged] My husband's photos with ex-mistresses are still up on Facebook

Sherri's husband is a recovering sex addict

There's always room for improvement, even in love!

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8 ways to strengthen your relationship

Our resident advice-giving duo talks about the research behind platonic relationships

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[Two Pronged] Is he just nice or does he love me?

'This is not the first time for him to do this. I forgive but I cannot forget.'

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[Two Pronged] My husband and our helper

Goodbye toxic relationships – here's how to make sure you're in the healthy and happy ...

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What makes a 'healthy and happy relationship?'

'I get so sad over nothing; super angry over little things,' writes Ellie

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[Two Pronged] Living abroad, feeling alone, looking for help

It's enough to soften even the most jaded of hearts

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These stories will make you believe that love is real

'My boyfriend has decided to friendzone me'

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[Two Pronged] From boyfriend to just a friend?

Yes, there are concrete ways for couples to recover from an affair

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How can couples recover from cheating?

These couples stay in love (and in shape) by sweating it out together

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In fitness and in love: Couples who work out together