24 hours in Bohol

There is so much to see in the Philippines. With such a variety of places to go, it’s not uncommon to find yourself strapped for time.

But whether you are taking a holiday or currently on a backpacking trip, Bohol should be on your list. You can actually fit a lot in one day if you want to see as much as you can in Bohol in a short amount of time, .  

To make the most of your travels – broaden your mind, put you out of your comfort zone, and create memories for life – here's what you can do in 24 hours in Bohol. 

8 am – Check in at Moon Fools Hostel

Lost Horizon is a good place to start, and perfect to meet up with others for the first time. There will be a bunch of travelers here, and the bar is fairly cozy. A popular choice, Lost Horizon is actually a resort, so you can stay the rooms, but it's fine to go and have a few swift drinks instead.  As the night falls, if you stick to this itinerary, you will have done many great things in Bohol in a short time, though if you do have more time to spare, there's still plenty to do. – Rappler.com

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Tommy Walker

Tommy Walker is a British journalist, photographer and travel writer currently based between Hong Kong & Taipei. In 2019, Tommy reported for Rappler as Hong Kong correspondent for the anti-government protests. His work provided frontline videos from demonstrations which included the Polytechnic University siege, and Hong Kong’s national security law fallout. His work has also included covering the COVID19 pandemic in 2020.