Manila cop rapes teener after promising freedom for her detained parents

Rambo Talabong
'Nagpahiwatig na papakawalan ang mga guardians niya. According sa nanay, talagang interesado sa bata,' says Metro Manila top cop Guillermo Eleazar

MANILA'S FINEST? Manila Police District catches one of its own allegedly committing rape to a minor. Photo by Rambo Talabong/Rappler

MANILA, Philippines – A Manila cop was arrested for allegedly raping the 15-year-old daughter of detained drug suspects.

According to Metro Manila top cop Chief Superintendent Guillermo Eleazar, Manila Police District (MPD) cop Police Officer I Eduardo Valencia brought the minor to a Sta Mesa motel after her parents were arrested in the service of a search warrant in their home.

Nagpahiwatig na papakawalan ang mga guardians niya. According sa nanay, talagang interesado sa bata,” Eleazar told Rappler in a phone interview on Monday, October 29.

(He told her that he would release her parents. According to the mother, he was really interested in the child.) 

This is why cops will not file kidnapping charges, but only rape cases against newbie cop Valencia. The girl supposedly did not struggle when brought to the motel. (READ: To prevent rape, understand consent)

What arrest? The girl’s parents were arrested on October 25 for alleged possession of illegal drugs.

The couple was brought for detention at the MPD Police Station 4 (Sampaloc), and their daughter accompanied them.

Once the booking procedures were done, Eleazar said Valencia was tasked to bring the girl back home.

Doon na siya dinala sa motel (That was when he was brought to the motel),” Eleazar said.

According to the spot report, the rape happened the morning of October 26. As soon as the minor was brought home, for real this time, she told her relatives about her assault.

The search and prosecution: As soon as the information reached the mother, she squealed, triggering a manhunt for Valencia.

Cops caught their colleague on Saturday, October 27. He was just inside his home in Pasig City.

Eleazar said Valencia denied the allegations, but he said medical tests have shown lacerations in the girl’s private parts—an indication of forced sexual intercourse.

Eleazar said on Monday that the case of Valencia is the first of its kind, contrary to the newbie cop’s reported claim that it is already “normal” in the police force. (READ: Drug war to deter rape? 16 cops in 8 cases — study)

This is why he invited the press to cover Valencia’s apprehension: to stop other cops who may plan to do the same. –

Rambo Talabong

Rambo Talabong covers the House of Representatives and local governments for Rappler. Prior to this, he covered security and crime. He was named Jaime V. Ongpin Fellow in 2019 for his reporting on President Rodrigo Duterte’s war on drugs. In 2021, he was selected as a journalism fellow by the Fellowships at Auschwitz for the Study of Professional Ethics.