Ranking official fired in Communist Party shake-up


One of the rising stars of China, Bo Xilai, has been axed. The Communist Party chief of Chongqing – the largest metropolis in southwest China – was removed from his post, following a scandal that involved one of his deputies. Wang Lijun, a decorated policeman appointed by Bo to be his province’s police chief, later became vice mayor of the city and was instrumental in targeting mafia-like criminal groups in Chongqing. Wang however became the center of intrigue when he stayed for a day in the US consulate in Chengdu, six hours away by car from Chongqing. This fueled speculations of defection, which prompted an investigation. Bo was replaced by Zhang Dejiang, former party secretary of Guangdong. Both men are members of the policy-making bureau of the Communist Party. Details can be read here

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