Big-name journalists moving to digital start-ups

Photo by Ezra Klein/Wikimedia Commons

In the last few months, the US news media has been witness to the migration of big names in newspaper journalism to digital start-ups. The latest movement involves Ezra Klein, creator of The Washington Post’s Wonkblog, who is moving to Vox Media. At the Dow Jones, Walter Mossberg and Kara Swisher left to form Re/code with NBC. An analysis published by The New York Times on January 26 dismissed speculation that a bubble is forming in the news content business. What the news media is witnessing now, wrote David Carr in the NYT, “is the emergence of a lasting commercial market, a game that has winners and losers, yet is hardly zero sum.” He said “it’s becoming apparent that digital publishing is its own thing, not an additional platform for established news companies. They can buy their way into it, but their historical advantages are often offset by legacy costs and bureaucracy.”

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