Media brawl in PH

And it gets more riveting. A day after Philippine Daily Inquirer Ramon Tulfo was mauled by friends of actor Raymart Santiago and wife Claudine Baretto, his brothers used their TV show to come to his defense. The brothers Tulfo (Raffy and Erwin) ranged themselves behind their embattled older brother in a show of unity, hijacking the Monday early evening airwaves to let rip a string of threats against the showbiz couple. Both threatened Santiago and Baretto, advising them to “pray.” Said one of the brothers: “My advice to you and your wife, don’t leave home. Because if we see each other in NAIA Terminal 1, Terminal 2, Terminal 3, you will get it from me, and I don’t care, even your wife will get it from me. You better pray our fates never cross.” All major TV networks headlined the word war between both camps, certainly increasing viewer ratings that day.


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