China to establish government in disputed South China Sea

GOVERNMENT SEAT. Sansha City's top government office is found on a South China Sea island called Yongxing. File photo from
To bolster claims over disputed areas in the South China Sea, China is set to establish a legislative body in the city of Sansha a prefectural-level city that includes areas claimed by the Philippines. Established in June 2012, Sansha administers 3 disbuted island groups Nansha (Spratly Islands), Xisha (Paracel Islands) and Zhongsha (Macclesfield Bank). Establishing a government territory is a means to prove ownership. The Philippines claims effective occupation and effective jurisdiction over the Scarborough Shoal following the installation of flags and other structures within the shoal. It also established he municipality of Kalayaan under the province of Palawan that covers the Spratly Islands.

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