Enrile resigns Senate presidency

Juan Ponce Enrile irrevocably resigned the Senate presidency on Wednesday, June 5, on the second to the last session day of the chamber.

Enrile, who was Senate President for 4 and a half years, delivered a privilege speech lamenting how his critics in the minority used the Senate fund controversy to destroy his name and derail the senatorial candidacy of his son and namesake, outgoing Cagayan Rep Juan Ponce "Jack" Enrile Jr. The 89-year-old Enrile said he had had enough of having to defend his fellow senators, as his Senate leadership position required him. Individual senators should be made individually accountable for their disbursements, he said. “Let us all be men and women worthy of being called ‘Honorable Senators.’ And let the chips fall where they may. And so as a matter of personal honor and dignity, I hereby irrevocably resign as Senate President,” Enrile said at the end of a 15-minute speech.

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