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Rappler Talk: Duterte’s crackdown on activists
Rappler Talk: Duterte’s crackdown on activists
Rappler sits down with activists on how they face the threats under President Rodrigo Duterte

At President Rodrigo Duterte’s word, the police and military on Sunday, March 7, launched operations against activists in Calabarzon, killing at least 9 and arresting 6.

It was one of the biggest offensives against progressive groups as the Duterte administration wages a crackdown on communists and dissenters.

The raids happened in the context of Duterte ushering in a new level of danger for activists, as red-tagging became more rampant and officers who do so remained unpunished.

To make sense of the bloody raids, Rappler’s police reporter Rambo Talabong sits down with Karapatan secretary-general Tinay Palabay and BAYAN Southern Tagalog coordinator Casey Cruz in this episode of Rappler Talk.

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