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Substantial changes for Bangsamoro expected after polls

David Lozada
Posted on 05/14/2013 1:34 AM  | Updated 07/02/2014 7:16 PM

ARMM ELECTIONS. The midterm election results will be crucial to the ARMM and the formation of the Bangsamoro entity. Graphics by Matt HebronaARMM ELECTIONS. The midterm election results will be crucial to the ARMM and the formation of the Bangsamoro entity. Graphics by Matt Hebrona

MANILA, Philippines – The results of the midterm elections would bring substantial changes in the ARMM area.

This is according to Transformative Justice Institute (TJI) chairperson Atty. Adoracion Avisado, PhD.

Avisado held that the completion for the Basic Law of Bangsamoro is expected to be expedited after elections. [Read: FAQs: Bangsamoro peace deal]

“There will be new faces of political leaders coming from the ‘nouveau riche’ (newly rich families) like the Paquiaos in the SOCSARGEN area who may start to dominate the political landscape of the future,” Avisado said in an e-mail interview.

Avisado maintained that since the two contending national political parties (Liberal Party and United Nationalist Alliance) express no clear principles, the possible agenda of the next Congress would be in accord with the President.

“Whoever will make the twelve senatorial slots will be cooperative with the present administration,” Avisado held.

President Benigno Aquino III on December 17 signed Executive Order 120 creating the 15-member Transition Commission (TransCom) who would draft the Bangsamoro Basic Law.

“Sajahatra Bangsamoro” was launched during PNoy’s historical visit to Sultan Kudarat last February.

The TransCom started drafting the legislative measure for the peace process on April despite claims that the framework is unconstitutional.

Mindanao peace and order

The National Advocacy Commission of the Catholic Educational Association of the Philippines (NAC-CEAP) met on Monday, May 6, to talk about the continuing problem of peace and order in Mindanao.

Avisado, who also chairs the Committee on Peace Issues and Mindanao Peace of NAC-CEAP, said that there is a need for the academe to have continuing discussions on election-related violence in Mindanao.

“We need to know why the vicious cycle of violence continues. We must not be content by police reports that the number of election related violence has decreased this year compared with the 2010 elections,” Avisado said.

According to Avisado, NAC-CEAP agreed to advocate for continuing discussions about this issue even beyond election period.

Peace and order had been a problem in Mindanao due to the tension between government forces and different rebel groups. The recent bloodshed in Sabah involving the Sultanate of Sulu also added tension with the current administration of PNoy.

14,000 troops were deployed across Mindanao to guard this year’s midterm elections.

TRANSFORMATIVE ELECTIONS. Atty. Adoracion Avisado PhD hold that the peace process in Mindanao is a continuing process.TRANSFORMATIVE ELECTIONS. Atty. Adoracion Avisado PhD hold that the peace process in Mindanao is a continuing process.

Electoral reforms?

Avisado suggested key areas to focus on in order to have more credible elections in Mindanao and the rest of the country.

Avisado said that the value of elections and the right to suffrage must be inculcated early on to Filipinos. “The electorate must learn how to value their dignity and worth as human beings and not succumb to sell their precious votes during election time,” Avisado added.

She also said that the prevalence of the intertwining culture of patriarchy, corruption, and impunity in the our justice system makes it difficult for electoral reform to take place.

“Both intertwining negative cultures can only be transformed through a counter culture as provided for in the Preamble of the Philippine Constitution, which every citizen must take to heart,”Avisado said.

The Comelec begins the official canvassing of votes on Tuesday, May 14, at 9am. Avisado and the rest of the Filipino electorate await how the midterm elections will affect Mindanao. –

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