Newsbreak Voices: Growing up in Aleppo
Newsbreak Voices: Growing up in Aleppo
Many know Aleppo as the war-torn Syrian city, but communications manager Migel Estoque remembers it as the city of her childhood, filled with cultural wonder and historical heritage

MANILA, Philippines – The city of Aleppo in Syria is facing a humanitarian disaster: thousands of civilians are in danger of air strikes and attacks from government forces intent on flushing out rebel forces in the city. The United Nations wants to send observers as thousands are evacuated from the city.

The city’s devastation has long been the subject of news headlines, but to Migel Estoque, this war-torn image is far from the Aleppo of her childhood. Aleppo then, she recalls, was a city filled with cultural wonder and rich historical heritage.

5-minute listen. Written by Migel Estoque, read by Chay Hofileña, edited by Exxon Ruebe. If you missed the full story, you can read the text story here. –

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